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WALMAX quick built outdoor camp is designed in the idea of cost saving, environmental protection and energy saving. We give an overall solution of camping to suit different environment. Inside the camping area, WALMAX quick built arched house, as a core, is combined with windbreak wall, water treatment system, green energy supplying system, and solid waste collector to form a Micro Residential Area.

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Product Advantages

Steel Frame House Arched Cabin:

* Design Service Life : 20 years.
* Fire-protection Standard : Grade A.
* Anti-wind Grade : Grade 12.
* Earthquake Resistance Grade : Grade 8.
* Installed manually without building machinery.
* Taking maximum usage of natural sunlight.
* Easy to move at any time according to need.


Glamping /Camping Pods – Garden Office – Log Cabin – Chalet – Shepard’s Hut

Thanks for your interest in Steel Frame House Arched Cabin,any questions pls feel free to contact Bella Li.

* Supplement of the Existing Campsite, Hotel, Scientific Research Station, Check Point and Military Camp.
* Public Facilities Such as Newsstand, Toilet, Store, Gatehouse.
* Family Utility Room or Artist Studios.
* Noshery and Coffee House
* House or Farm House
* Outdoor Campsite
* Hunting Lodges

Glamping /Camping Pods – Garden Office – Log Cabin – Chalet – Shepard’s Hut
Company Information

Green (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd. locates in Baodi Jiuyuan Industrial Park with registered capital of 10 million U.S. dollar and total investment 25 million U.S. dollar. Our company specializes in design and construction services of WALMAX wind/sand/snow/dust control environmental protection system and WALMAX outdoor camp system.
Green Technology strictly follows the modern enterprise management mechanism and has passed the authorization and the audit of ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO: 18001:2007 system. The company owns the qualification of Environmental Engineering Contractor (Grade III) and Steel Structure Engineering Contractor (Grade III). “WalMax” is the registered trademark.
Green Technology is striving for bringing blue sky to the earth and creating beautiful life for human beings through WalMax brand energy-saving and environmental protection products.

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