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  Semi-permanent tent building, external wind and rain resistance, interior living environment spacious and comfortable, practical, add insulation equipment, provide interior design scheme, configure various facilities, but also pay attention to personal privacy, moisture-proof water, cold and warm protection and other details! In addition to bringing comfortable experience, it can also deepen tourists’love for the surrounding landscape. Easy to create a warm and comfortable five-star accommodation experience.

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  The arc roof is a unique shape of the tent house. It is based on the herringbone roof and makes rational use of the design elements of traditional Chinese architecture to achieve the arc effect by pre-bending the inclined beam of the roof. The arc roof house is designed to be strong and durable, with wind speed up to 100 km/h (wind load 0.5 km2). It is easy to disassemble and assemble, and has small storage and transportation volume.

  The arc roof is very special in appearance. It is like a rainbow roof with beautiful shape, beautiful arc roof lines, exquisite arc roof line design, strong interchangeability of parts, flexible conversion of arc roof into herringbone roof, and extended eaves. It is suitable for outdoor exhibitions, car exhibitions, warehouses, stadiums, events and weddings. The arc-roof tent house is a powerful and well-designed tent house in the market, which provides us with flexible and usable space with a more contemporary sense.

  Product area: 4000mm x8000mm, length, width and height can be customized.

  Main frame: steel main frame,Galvanized sheet , new external wall thermal insulation composite rigid wallboard, foreground control glass plate, indoor 3mm wood-proof stone-plastic floor, broken bridge aluminium alloy glass doors and windows, interior curtain decoration, elevated platform and steps. The appearance of different styles and materials can be customized according to customers’needs.

  Residential comfort: The tent is spacious, with wind, rain, warmth, flame retardant, sound insulation and other properties, with complete facilities to create a comfortable living space! There is no limit to the construction site: combined structure, flexible disassembly and assembly, generally flat, grassland, cement, sand can be built!

  Optional matching: hydropower system, soft furniture accessories system, toilet system, refrigeration appliances, ambient lighting system, scene greening system.

  Product Performance: Wind-resistant grade 10, sun protection and heat preservation, rust prevention, fire prevention, corrosion prevention, insect prevention, leisure home as the main outdoor Hotel building.

  Service life: Semi-permanent building, service life of more than 15 years.

  [Structural stability]

  Hotel tent uses Galvanized sheet as top cloth, with wind, rain, warmth, flame retardant, sound insulation and other performance advantages, tent cloth has good self-cleaning ability, not easy to change color, durable appearance as new. Walmax tent (tianjin) breaks the traditional camping tent. It is not only beautiful in appearance and novel in style, but also stable in structure, durable in profile and long in service life. It gives you a brand new luxury camping experience.

  [Platform design]

  walmax platform design allows tent hotels to be firmly and flexibly built in a variety of venues, with moisture-proof, rain-proof penetration, mosquito-proof and other functions.

  [viewing terrace-terrace swimming pool]

  Privately customized comfortable viewing platform, square, circular, irregular curves and other design options. Bath pools and even small pools can be designed on the balcony, which greatly improves the comfort of tent hotels. It also improves the interesting and ornamental of the scenic spot, and to a certain extent, it can regulate the microclimate, so that you can have a cool experience in the hot summer.

  [Complete internal facilities]

  The interior of walmax tent is spacious and comfortable without supporting pillars, which greatly improves the area utilization rate and living quality. The facilities in the tent are “complete with five internal organs”, including comfortable big beds (or twin beds), unique independent bathroom, environmentally friendly and fashionable furniture, etc. The tent has good sound insulation and heat insulation function, creating a comfortable outdoor space for people in warm winter and cool summer, redefining the field camping!

  [Open space for construction]

  There is no restriction on the construction site of the walmax tent. The combined aluminum alloy structure is flexible in disassembly and assembly, strong in safety and wind resistance. It can be built on flat land, such as grassland, cement and sand. Gradan tents are fashionable and comfortable, widely used in hotels, resorts, golf courses, water parks, playgrounds, camping sites and other fields.

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