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  In the new era, people are living a fast and stressful life. Traveling has become a pleasant way for people to relieve their stress. Sleeping Pod became a popular and desirable destination.

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  Product introduction

  In order to adapt to the climatic conditions of different regions and enhance the comfort, safety, practicability and beauty of Walmax arc-shaped fast-building room under different natural conditions, Walmax independently developed and designed two kinds of special products, namely, terrace and mosquito-proof terrace.

  Product characteristics

  A) Modular production prefabrication in factories

  A.1 Specialized production guarantees product quality.

  A.2 structural parts are all galvanized and corrosion-resistant, with a service life of up to 15 years.

  A.3 Free construction of civil foundation can realize rapid installation and shorten delivery time.

  A.4 avoids the influence of weather and other adverse external factors on site construction.

  B) security

  The structural safety of B.1 terrace is based on the strict calculation of wind load, snow pressure and earthquake.

  B.2 All fireproof materials for superstructure.

  C) practicality

  Ventilation, mosquito control, safety, environmental protection, beauty and comfort.

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