Prefab Camping Pod For Sale

 We use light steel as the Prefab Camping Pod framework, materials are sandwich panel, total new conception and economical and environmental protected cabin, which also called prefab camp cabin.


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  Galvanized structure portable cabin. Good anti-rust ability and long endurable time.

  Can be delivered directly as flat packs, Save renting shipping containers fee..

  Can be transported as a whole between sites, save disassembling and reassembling troublesome.

  Easy installation, Save labor cost.

  Recycle use, Save each project’s accommodation cost.

  The detailed information as follows:

No. Sort Name Specification
1 Specification length 6116mm
2 Width 3000mm
3 Wall height 3400mm
4 weight 1800KG
6 Standard accessory Wall 75mm EPS sandwich panel, 0.4mm color steel sheet and 15kg/m3 glass wool density inside.
7 Roof Outside is 0.5mm color steel as the surface, middle is 75mm glass wool insulation. Inside is 9mm melamine board.

Permitted live loading:1.5KN/m²

8 Base External wainscot is 0.3mm galvanized steel sheet metal, and insulation is glass wool. The supporting material is 19mm cement fiber board and the inside decoration is 2mm rubber flooring.Permitted loading: 3.0KN/m2
9 Door Steel door, single door with dimension of 850*2000mm, furnished with lock.
10 Window 1) PVC sliding window, white color, with dimensions of 800*1100mm; Supplied with fly screen.2) PVC sliding window, white color, size is 800*500mm. Supplied with fly screen.
11 Post Galvanized steel, material: Q345-Q235, 3mm thickness. Connection part is M12 high strength bolt.
12 Option Drainage system Provided plan, design and construction
13 Electric system Provided plan, design and construction
15 Technical parameter Resistant temperature -20°Cto 50°C  
16 Wind load 0.6KN/m2  
17 The resistant earthquake grade 7fission activate.  

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