Camping Pods-Hot Tub Camping Pods-Mobile Shop-Tiny Trailer Hous

Camping Pods-Hot Tub Camping Pods-Mobile Shop-Tiny Trailer Hous

FOB Reference Price: $3,800.00 – $6,800.00 / Sets | 1 Set/Sets (Min. Order)

    Camping Pods is based on the traditional wooden house to upgrade the appearance. The appearance color is rich and varied, and can be customized according to customer needs. Mainly used in outdoor camp accommodation function.

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  Camping Pods is a new type of star camping tent with similar outdoor shape. Because of its strong structure and high comfort, it is a new tourism mode for outdoor development and leisure entertainment. It is welcomed by tourist resorts. Create a unique experience of the original ecology, give the experiencer close contact with nature from many angles, sit in the tent to watch the sunrise and sunset, lie down and look at the vast stars, listen to the rain and banana leaves of the spiritual space.

steel Camping Pods – Garden Office – Log Cabin – Chalet – Shepard’s Hut
  Compared with the traditional resort hotel constructed by Wooden house,Steel Camping Pods has the characteristics of low investment cost, safe structure and quick and flexible construction. The outdoor tent hotel is elegant in appearance, suitable for the construction of any venue, quick in installation and 100% in space utilization.

Economical beach hut prefabricated small prefab houses portable
  Camping outdoor tents with an area of more than 4 m x 8 m. The tent can be equipped with beds, tables, chairs, air conditioning and other living facilities. The interior of the tent can be decorated and designed to create high-end comfortable living space.

Economical beach hut prefabricated small prefab steel sip houses portable
  The most important thing is that the outdoor tent building of camping accommodation is simple and convenient. It can integrate the surrounding environment well. The ground of scenic spots such as lakeside, grassland and mountain can be easily built. It is very suitable for camping accommodation in scenic spots.

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