Field Camp House(campsite)

  It needs to be explained that a successful tourist camp is not simply a gathering of standardized camping space. The glamour of camping life, which driving people to walk from one stop to another during the journey, and attract the people around to visit again and again, lays in the different value conveyed by different campsites. The emotional experience and humanistic feelings created by different camps is unique and cannot be duplicated.


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A. modular design, all manual assembly, plenty of cheap raw materials resources can guarantee of our economy, concrete embodiment in the raw materials for easy and low cost, low manufacturing cost, transportation very convenient installation, low cost, long service life and easy to transfer low depreciation, short construction period, low capital occupancy rate every aspect.

B. All the materials we use can meet the environmental protection requirements at home and abroad. In the process of construction and use, the damage and pollution to the environment are controlled to the maximum extent.

Field Camp House(campsite)

  C. We have made full use of natural light source to provide lighting since the beginning of the design, fully considered thermal insulation in material selection, and made full use of wind power, photovoltaic and other natural green resources to provide power and hot water supply, realizing the green concept of energy conservation and emission reduction.

D. The introduction of wind-proof sand and snow barrier wall creates a good external micro-environment while retaining the security function; All the furniture and bathroom facilities are customized according to the special shape of the arc-shaped quick-install room. The overall fit degree is high, creating a comfortable internal environment.

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