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Herringbone quick building room is based on the arc-shaped quick building room to upgrade the appearance. The appearance color is rich and varied, and can be customized according to customer needs. Mainly used in gray outdoor camp accommodation function.


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A) factory modular production prefabrication

A.1 specialized production ensures product quality.

A.2 all structural parts are galvanized and anticorrosive, with A service life of up to 15 years.

A.3 free of civil foundation construction, can achieve rapid installation, shorten the delivery time.

A.4 avoid the impact of weather and other external adverse factors on site construction.

B) flexibility

B.1 flexible interior space layout according to customer requirements.

B.2 tatami can be placed inside, which is suitable for young people’s accommodation and entertainment.

C) energy saving and environmental protection

C.1 “zero” construction waste generation at the project site.

C.2 after the completion of the project, it can be completely removed and the site can be easily restored to its original appearance.

C.3 it can be reused for many times without disassembly and assembly loss, so as to achieve sustainable development.

C.4 excellent heat insulation performance.

D) safer

D.1 building structure safety is based on strict calculation of wind load, snow pressure and earthquake.

D.2 the main structure is cold-rolled, and the strength is greatly enhanced.

D.3 all indoor and outdoor polyurethane fireproof materials.

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