Triangle House

  ’Walmax’ Triangle House means elegant, healthy, leisure, natural. That design concept is deeply popular among consumers.

  Advantages of our products: all the parts are prefabricated and modular, easy to assemble and disassemble, corrosion resistant, Suitable for variety of ground, customized details.

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Advantages of the 'WalMax' Triangle House


 Solid and Safe

* Design Service Life : 20 years.

* Fire-protection Standard : Grade A.

* Anti-wind Grade : Grade 12.

* Earthquake Resistance Grade : Grade 8.

* Installed manually without building machinery.

* Taking maximum usage of natural sunlight.

* Easy to move at any time according to need.

Long service life


Most of the materials are steel. Our company based on steel trading, we can choose the best quality steel to bulid our camping house.

2. Steel structure

All the steel structure have been hot dip galvanized.

3. Wall & Roof

Galvanized corrugated sheet add treatment of Electrostatic powder spraying, more beautiful and quality than the PPGI.


The Triangle House has wide range of application, including but not limited to

* Supplement of the Existing Campsite, Hotel, Scientific Research Station, Check Point and Military Camp.

* Public Facilities Such as Newsstand, Toilet, Store, Gatehouse.

* Family Utility Room or Artist Studios.

* No shery and Coffee House

* House or Farm House

Outdoor Campsite

* Hunting Lodges


Company information

Established in 2001, TIANJIN WEIMING INDUSTRIAL&TRADING CO., LTD (WMITC) acts as an independent provider for your brief or complicated orders. We are proud of our reputation in the line as a dependable, straightforward and long-term business partner.

With an experienced, dynamic and high efficient team, our products are well-received worldwide. Our company specializes in design and construction services of WalMax wind/sand/snow/dust control environmental protection system and WalMax prefab camp cabin system.

WALMAX Triangle House is designed in the idea of cost saving, environmental protection and energy saving. We give an overall solution of camping to suit different environment. Inside the camping area, WALMAX prefab camp cabin, as a core, is combined with windbreak wall, water treatment system, green energy supplying system, and solid waste collector to form a Micro Residential Area.



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