Don’t worry.The beach now offers many attractive Shower and dressing rooms to provide much-needed privacy.

  Tiny house is designed in the idea of cost saving, environmental protection and energy saving. We give an overall solution of camping to suit different environment. Inside the camping area, Tiny house, as a core, is combined with windbreak wall, water treatment system, green energy supplying system, and solid waste collector to form a Micro Residential Area.

  Compared to the traditional residential building, the construction period of Tiny house is shortened by 60%, construction cost save by 70%, construction water consumption reduced by 95%, total general energy saving over 75%. About 95% of the building materials can be recycled after the house’s service life.

Don't worry。The beach now offers many attractive Shower and dressing rooms to provide much-needed privacy.

  Worried about prying eyes while changing on public beaches?

  Don’t fret. A host of attractive changing rooms are now in supply to give that much-needed privacy. Colorful WalMax beach changing rooms, topped with an arched roof, will be the first choice. Each 3 metre width by 6 metre length room, has a height of 3.4 metres. The fancy rooms use a steel frame. It comes with wooden flooring, bench and hooks.

  A changing room, locker room, dressing room (usually in a sports, theater or staff context) or change room (regional use) is a room or area designated for changing one’s clothes. Changing rooms are provided in a semi-public situation to enable people to change clothes in privacy, either individually or on a gender basis.

  Separate changing rooms may be provided for men and women, or there may be a non-gender specific open space with individual cubicles or stalls. Sometimes a person may change his or her clothes in a toilet cubicle of a washroom.

  Many changing rooms include washrooms and showers. Sometimes a changing room exists as a small portion of a washroom.Larger changing rooms are usually found at public beaches, or other bathing areas, where most of the space is for changing, and minimal washroom space is included. Beach-style changing rooms are often large open rooms with benches against the walls.


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