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’Walmax’ Outdoor Campsite means elegant, healthy, leisure, natural. That design concept is deeply popular among consumers. The camping hotel is actually a kind of temporary building,which has advantages of fast installation and Convenient move

’Walmax’ Outdoor Campsite is designed in the idea of cost saving, environmental protection and energy saving. We give an overall solution of camping to suit different environment. Inside the camping area, our camping house, as a core, is combined with windbreak wall, water treatment system, green energy supplying system, and solid waste collector to form a Micro Residential Area.

Advantages of our products: all the parts are prefabricated and modular, easy to assemble and disassemble, corrosion resistant, Suitable for variety of ground, customized details.


Package usually separately,after reach site,combine and install them together,if you need guide at site,we will send technical workers to guide.

Post time: Sep-16-2020