Outdoor Simple Room

  Outdoor simple house, arc-shaped quick installation house, viewing room, herringbone quick installation house, semi-spherical quick installation house in public service area, wind and sand blocking snow fence (fence, fence), mixed green energy station, outdoor water purification system, small sewage treatment device, etc

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  Product market analysis

  A. Supplementary requirements of outdoor camps, inns already operated, scientific research stations, checkpoints, barracks and other group places. Most of these customers are unit customers, providing public services, and they have demands for one or several of our products.

Outdoor bungalow

  B. The demand for outdoor activity houses in public places, such as public toilets, newsstands, convenience stores, guard rooms and other temporary public buildings, can be divided and selected according to the requirements of customers.

  C. Sporadic demand for quick-install houses in households, with a small number of individual houses but widely distributed, such as the house expansion of the family courtyard on the first floor and the supporting rooms of the house.

  D, to the family as the unit for the living demand of fast building room, need to design the layout according to the number of family and family, configure corresponding accommodation, bath room, kitchen and other functional, can be equipped with energy and water treatment facilities, such as farm, the farm owners as a family unit, if the construction can be used as a village, low-rent communities.


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