Outdoor Camp Series Energy Station and Water Treatment System

  Equipped with solar and wind hybrid power stations, it can continuously provide energy and hot water for the camp, minimize energy consumption, uphold the green design concept of low carbon emission reduction, and also greatly reduce the operating energy consumption costs.


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  Solar and Wind Hybrid Energy Station

  Photoelectric and wind power are mixed to solve the power supply; solar thermal energy is used to solve the hot water supply and heating; local access to municipal electricity is used as backup power, and local firewood power is used as backup power without municipal electricity. It can be designed according to the area of the camp and the actual use of electricity, equipped with battery pack buffer, which can meet the daily use of high-power electricity.

  Small outdoor water purification system

  In some outdoor tourist areas at home and abroad, there is no municipal water supply, and groundwater in well drilling areas can not be implemented because of the restrictions of policy and environment, so they can only use nearby river and lake water sources. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to equip simple and effective water purification system to provide up-to-standard domestic water.

  Small outdoor sewage treatment station

  Our company provides domestic sewage treatment system for field camps, and the treated water quality meets the requirements of Class B discharge standard in GB18918-2002 “Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plant”. The sewage treatment process has the characteristics of stable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance. With the full use of the terrain, this facility is constructed in the place where the pollutants are concentrated discharged, which has the advantage of falling over the receiving water body. Without the use of power equipment such as pumps, the sewage is fully self-flowing. Only the micro-power requirement of aeration is needed, and there is no operating cost, pressure and duty-free maintenance. After treatment, the discharge standard can be directly discharged nearby, and the car can be washed with secondary water or greening operation can be carried out at the same time.

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