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The Office Pod from Garden Hideouts is the ideal solution for the home worker who needs their own productive space, or for any business that is looking for a simple, modern way to provide more office space with no planning permission required.

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The tent hotel design created by Walmax balances the ecological balance between architecture and nature, and develops a new variety of luxury hotel tent products with comfortable luxury beds, furniture, bathrooms, air conditioning and personalized services, which provide impressive holidays for scenic camps.

Walmax has developed various types of hotel tents, villas tents and characteristic camp tents with the design concept of “close to nature” and “integration into nature”. Each product has passed the safety inspection of many international organizations. Its elegant, fashionable and leisure shape is the main choice for tourist attractions and camps. From the beginning of design to the construction process, it will send specialties to hotel tents. Personnel went to the site to investigate and plan the appropriate design scheme.

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