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  Walmax self-designed and developed a new type of structure and shape of outdoor campsite. The shape is designed with a unique arc structure. The chassis and all structural parts can be installed manually without the help of large machinery. The floor is not specially treated for the installation of houses. The foot system can be adjusted to save the cost of civil construction and no damage to the surrounding environment.

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  A) Safety, durability and excellent fire resistance

  All the materials used in A.1 arc fast building room meet the fire protection standard of Class A.

  A.2 The main structural parts are formed by cold rolling, and the overall structural strength is much higher than that of other steel structures.

  A.3 The overall structure and materials of the house pass strict testing and can withstand strong wind load, snow pressure and earthquake and other natural disasters.

  The whole parts of A.4 arc fast building room are all treated by hot dip galvanizing anticorrosive technology, and the service life can reach 15-20 years.

  B) Comfort in Use

  B.1 wallboard is filled with high density thermal insulation material, which has excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation and noise reduction performance.

  B.2 The indoor doors and windows adopt broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, which have better heat insulation and noise reduction effect. The lighting area of doors and windows is as high as 6 square meters, which fully guarantees the indoor lighting demand.

  The design of B.3 arc-shaped fast- building house fully considers the influence of the overall structural strength of the house on the user’s use. The steel consumption per square meter is as high as 50kg, and the overall weight of the house is about 3 tons. There is no light and thin feeling of ordinary color steel house.

  B.4 The whole house has no cold bridge, heat conduction is completely isolated, and no condensate water appears.

  B.5 All the selected furniture are customized. The size and function of the furniture are designed to meet the needs of outdoor camps to the greatest extent.

  C) All manual installation, no heavy machinery, easy installation

  C.1 Field construction does not need civil foundation, and the foot system can be adjusted to achieve rapid installation, shorten delivery time, while avoiding the impact of adverse external factors such as weather on site construction.

  C.2 factory modular production prefabrication, professional production to ensure product quality, there is no on-site production.

  C.3 can be manually disassembled and assembled for many times. It has no disassembly loss, durability and good economy. It can provide safe, beautiful and comfortable business operation, office use and livable living environment for owners.

  C.4 Compared with traditional residential buildings, the construction period of Grey Fast building House is shortened by 60%, construction cost is saved by 70%, concrete loss is reduced by 98%, construction water is reduced by 95%, and comprehensive energy saving is more than 75%. After reaching the service life, 95% of the main materials can be recovered.

  D) Energy saving and environmental protection, adapting to any geographical and climatic environment

  D.1 arc-shaped quick- building room is installed with foundation-free design, which does not produce any construction waste on site and does not destroy the original natural environment in the construction area.

  D.2 arc fast- building room maximizes the use of natural energy, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

  D.3 arc-shaped fast- building room has small transport volume, no strict requirements for construction site, and is suitable for any geographical and climatic environment.

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