Luxury Camping Pod Made in the China with Shower Room and Kitchen

  Some tourist resort accommodation hotel planning and design is very comprehensive, but it can not attract tourists to come, this is because it lacks a theme, the lack of a theme of the hotel, and then rich will give a person a “loose” feeling. With the theme of the hotel tent, all the products are developed around this theme, so that the tourist scenic area can attract more consumers.

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  Walmax series wind-proof and sand-snow-proof walls (fences and fences) are used in the periphery; Gray fast-builing movable rooms (arc-shaped rooms, sightseeing rooms, terraces), mosquito-proof terraces are used in the core functional areas; Gray hemispherical fast-builing rooms are used in the public service areas; green hybrid power stations with solar and wind energy are equipped to guarantee the power and heat supply; and purification is provided in areas without municipal water supply. Water system, providing suitable and up to standard domestic water; equipped with solid waste classification containers and sewage treatment stations to collect solid waste and sewage, after treatment, transport and discharge.

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Walmax fast-loading movable room

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